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Wind Turbine Supplies

Parts for Hugh Piggott Turbines

Parts for Hugh Piggott Wind Turbines

Below are the page links to the turbines from Hugh Piggotts “Wind Turbine Recipe Book”.  Each page has a list of all the parts available for that turbine at the different voltage options.

1200 Turbine

1.2 Meter / 4ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)

1800 Turbine

1.8 Meter / 6ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)

2400 Turbine

2.4 Meter / 8ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)

3000 Turbine

3.0 Meter / 10ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)

3600 Turbine

3.6 Meter / 12ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)

4200 Turbine

4.2 Meter / 14ft

(12v / 24v & 48v)


When ordering within the UK (Excl N.Ireland & Islands) a default carriage cost of £12 will be applied to all orders.  If ordering from anywhere else please contact me before placing an order to confirm delivery costs.

Individual Parts Page

Use this page to buy parts individually